Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetry Live November 10th

With guest poet Stephanie Johnson

& guest musician Joanne Chester

Open Mic!

Koha entry

MC Miriam

Stephanie Johnson began her writing career as a poet. She remembers the riotous poetry nights at the Globe in Wakefield Street. Among her other books she has published two volumes of poetry, most recently "Moody Bitch". Stephanie's poems are sometimes political, sometimes personal, and often rude and funny.

Throughout her primary school years Joanne Chester didn't miss an opportunity to learn an instrument and by the age of 12, was a master at violin, recorder, piano, clarinet, trumpet and pacman. At High School, Joanne spent more time in the music department than she spent sleeping, eating and hunting put together (not that she ever went hunting). In August 2007, Joanne joined Queen City Big Band and immediately started touring around the whole of Grey Lynn with the band, both playing trumpet and singing. In spring 2008, she recorded her first acoustic album in a friend's home studio. She has just started recording in a studio in Parnell.


Visit, have a look around, check out some stuff, post us a comment.

NOTE: If you had a poem accepted for Live Lines, please make sure you have emailed an electronic copy of the accepted pieces to us at

Also - launch of Side Stream #22 - last one for the year.

Follow Poetry Live at

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetry Live October 13th - Madness

Poetry Live October 13th @ Thirsty Dog

Guest musicians Fats White


Guest poet Simone Kaho

Open Mic!

MC: Miriam

Fats White are an awesome band and have brought chaos to Poetry Live before. From NZ Musician Oct/Nov 2005: "Fats White ... is refreshingly unlike most music available - satirical punk rockabilly comes close to an apt description. Often accompanied simply by a fat sounding acoustic guitar. Fats White assumes the role of social observer and renovator of words. Apart from the obligatory guitar, bass, and drums - horns, washboards, and even a carpenter's saw are employed. If you enjoy back to basics, thought provoking music with a twist..." then come to Poetry Live on Tuesday.

Simone has been an underground poet for most of her life. That is, she kept her notebooks and folders of poetry mostly to herself while developing an alter ego with a Communications Studies Degree and career in advertising. That changed when she fell in love with a musician and was inspired her to let her own inner artist out. She ventured onto the poetry live stage in 2007 and has since become a regular performer. Her poetry is dark, humorous and sometimes romantic, wistfully flavored with her Pacific Island roots. She is inspired by poetry from Bob Orr, Tusiata Avia, Albert Wendt and Vincent O’Sullivan (among others).

Live Lines Update: Submissions have now been collected for Live Lines #3 our next anthology, which will be launched in March 2010. We will accept last minute late submissions from anyone who forgot (we know how it is) up until Tuesday night. So bring along your 3-5 poems in hardcopy, or if you really can't get there, then post them to Poetry Live, 16 Millais Street, Grey Lynn (make sure to include a contact email address). Particularly those of you who have been guest poets in the past year, we especially want you. We have not received any visual art submissions this year, so we are still looking for a cover image. Thank you to all of those people who sent in submissions - I've already had a sneak peak at them and it is shaping up to be another stellar anthology.

Submissions for Side Stream 22 are also open at the moment and close on October 15th. Email short poems

Bring your creative hats, we're doing another collab' poem!

Last Tuesday was a wicked night - despite a noisy crowd - Christian got Mark McGill Smith to improvise music during open mic. Very cool. I vote we do that again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poetry Live September 8th @ Thirsty Dog

with guest musician Joanne Chester

and guest poet Michael Botur
Open mic!

Koha entry
MC Miriam

Michael Botur (pronounced BOATER) started out a poetry buff while he was an English student at Otago University, but now majors in fiction writing. He has had poetry and fiction published in Takahe, JAAM, Bravado, The Lumiere Reader, Prima Storia, Deep South, Catalyst, Sidestream, Insight, Subject, Blindswimmer, A3, Critic, Potroast, Debate and F*nk, Canada's The Med and NiL, has had short stories and poetry broadcast on The Dirty Wordz Show and has won Her magazine’s short story competition. He has just got himself a Masters in Creative Writing from AUT and wants to release a collection of short stories and a novel in 2010.

Joanne Chester has been a musician since shortly after her birth. She left school at age 18 to pursue a Bachelor of Music Education, where she fronted bands such as “The Music Education Band” and other such bands with no names. At uni, she also had the revelation that she still couldn’t play enough instruments so jumped at the opportunity to study jazz bass intensively for a year and took her guitar to an entirely new level. In August 2007, Joanne joined Queen City Big Band and immediately started touring around the whole of Grey Lynn with the band, both playing trumpet and singing. Among other things, singing with Queen City has given Jo the opportunity to sing along side Ray Woolf and she has also gotten to lead several thousand people in their favourite Christmas ditties at Carols by Candlelight at Potters Park Christmas 2007 and 2008. Throughout this time, Jo has also been writing her own songs and performing solo and duo at restaurants, private functions and youth events. In spring 2008, she recorded her first acoustic album in a friend’s home studio. She has just started recording her second album in a studio in Parnell.

Side Stream 21 launch - come along and get a copy.

Submissions for Live Lines #3 are open until the end of the month. Post hard copies to Poetry Live, 16 Millais St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021. Or bring them along to Poetry Live one Tuesday night and hand them to any of the MCs - Christian, me, Murray or Renee.

Copies of Live Lines #2 are available from Parsons bookshop and from Poetry Live every Tuesday - they're $15 and they're awesome and they fund Live Lines #3. Buy one. Buy eight. They'd be good Chrissy presents too.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poetry Live Tuesday 01st September


Tuesday 01st September 09, 8 pm - Late
at The Thirsty Dog
469 K- road (Karangahape road )

Please note: Guest Poet Murray Edmond kicks off at 8pm

Guest Poet : Murray Edmond

Has published 11 books of poems, the latest THE FRUITS OF from Holloway Press in June this year and a 12th book called WALLS TO KICK AND HILLS TO SING FROM: A COMEDY WITH INTERRUPTIONS will be published by Auckland University Press in 2010. Also editor of 3 anthologies (BIG SMOKE: NEW ZEALAND POEMS 1960 - 1975, AUP, 2000), a book about the influence of Noh drama on the Western avant-garde (Atelos Press, Berkeley, 2005) and editor of the on-line journal KA MATE KA ORA: A NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF POETRY AND POETICS

Guest Musician : Ed
on acoustic guitar and brass instruments

Guest Poet : Joshua Goodwind

Is about 7 feet tall, with the wide, bloodshot eyes of a rabid hyena. Arms like great redwoods and feet like a pair of cinder blocks. He’s from Te Aroha, and spend most of his time shooting at woodland creatures with his trusty crossbow. His favourite colour is midnight.

MC Christian


Monday, August 24, 2009

Poetry Live August 25th

Ahoy there Poetry Pirates!

We have some feisty wonders for you this Tuesday at the Thirsty Dog, K Road, 8:00 start. Bring some koha to throw in the hat!

Guest Musician: Anna Kaye Forsythe

Anna Kaye is a talented singer songwriter whose catchy tunes will have you dancing on the tables one second, and deep in contemplation the next. Having regaled us with her poetic skills earlier on this year, she is returning with guitar in hand to share a melody or a few. Check her out on 'Summer Fusion', a compilation made to raise money for Kidney Kids.

Guest Poet: Lee Wallace

Lee Wallace is a poet, DJ, Actor and Artist Manager, in that order. He has been performing poetry for severalyears, although only seriously for around 8 months. A music background has lent an interesting slant to his work - Lee's style is offbeat, refreshing and humorous.Highlights include reading poetry as opening act to NZ music legend Bill Direen. Lee has several upcoming projects in the works so keep an eye out, and enjoy the set

Open mic & Koha entry as usual. You know the drill.

See you all there! And now for something completely different.

Here's something y'all may be interested in. It's not a Po Live event at all, but it sure sounds fun:

Screwed On Creative is a Charitable Trust set up so we can provide an avenue for artists to collaborate together more and be exposed not only as a solo but as a collective. Too many people sit and wait for opportunities to come to them but we want to create them for ourselves as well as provide the chance for people to do the same. Through this organisation we believe we can maximise our exposure within the industry, facilitate artistic projects, and ultimately collaborate and learn. The first project we are working on is a poetry reading. There is so much unseen talent in New Zealand that is underutilised and unappreciated and we want to bring that to light. We are currently organising auditions and then a further poetry reading with an invited audience to increase exposure to high profiles within the industry. Whether its contemporary poets or actors with monologues with a poetical twist or anyone who just wants their say we want to hear it all! We want as many people to audition as possible so we have higher chances of having a rewarding night of entertainment. We'll be holding the poetry reading on Oct 1st at Rannoch, the home of the James Wallace private art collection which will include a tour of the galleries, wine and nibbles etc. Auditions are on the 12th of September at 77 Almorah Rd, Epsom, Auckland in the upper gallery, signs will indicate the way. Contact 021 203 5557 to book an audition time or email Please forward on this message where you think it would be valued.

Take it easy!

Murray LeePoetry Live MC

Monday, August 17, 2009

Poetry Live August 18th

Tonight is the one you've all been waiting for - the launch of Live Lines 2, the annual publication of Poetry Live.

Those who have been included in this issue are invited to take the open mic stand and read their poems and some others - 5 mins per poet. There will be no guest musician in case the list of readers is nice and long :)

To put you all in the mood though, we have Georgina Monro as our guest poet. Georgina comes to us all the way from Titirangi, Waitakere, has a Dip. Drama from Toi Whakaari, and took second place at the Going West Poetry Slam 2008 as well as being a finalist for Poetry Idol in 2009. So come along and enjoy her poetry!

Renee - MC

Copies of Live Lines #2 will be on sale. They make excellent Chrissy presents, for those out there who have forethought. Live Lines #2 raises funds for Live Lines #3.

Submissions are now open for Live Lines #3. You can submit to Live Lines #3 if you read at Poetry Live during 2009. Submissions are open until September 30th.

You can submit 3-5 poems in hard copy to Poetry Live on Tuesday nights or by posting them to 16 Millais Street, Grey Lynn.

We no longer try to include a poem from everyone. Send your best work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poetry Live August 11th @ Thirsty Dog

with guest musicians The Wicks
& guest poet Charis Boos

MC: Miriam

Koha entry - open Mic

The Wicks have been together for about two years. In that time they've released a single E.P. recorded in a night and mixed in a couple of days. Recently they've finally begun to record again and are releasing their new E.P. "Why Do People Walk". A constantly changing and mutating style makes The Wicks hard to pin down to a specific genre but Alex Anderson (bass) brushes aside their melodically dense and rhythmically twisted song writing as "alternative pop". Live, The Wicks are charming, grins are frequent and the energy they put into their songs is palpable. With an often manic song writer in guitarist and singer Matt Butcher each performance is different with new songs frequently being exposed for the first time and subsequently changing. If you have a chance The Wicks should definitely be on your must see bands list.

Charis Boos turned 30 this year and is trying not to panic about her biographical note. Some of her favourite poets are Charles Simic, James Tate, Anne Carson and Louise Glück. Hear her read from her collection, Places Where the Future Used to Be, which she wrote last year.

Charis was a member of The Literatti with me in 2007, we performed from Whangarei to Parihaka together, before she was lured away by the Modern Institute of Letters. I'm stoked that they have finally given her back.

The Wicks are a wicked band that I found on Myspace when I was arranging guest acts for Nikki Patin's NZ tour - the dates didn't align right for that, so they agreed to rock on up to Poetry Live instead. Lucky us.

See you all there.

Note: Submissions are now open for Live Lines #3. You can submit to Live Lines #3 if you read at Poetry Live during 2009. Submissions are open until September 30th. You can submit 3-5 poems in hard copy to Poetry Live on Tuesday nights or by posting them, for the moment, to 16 Millais Street, Grey Lynn. We no longer try to include a poem from everyone. Send your best work.

NB: And submissions for Side Stream 21 close on August 15th - the day after the Side Stream fundraiser, Bukowksi's Birthday Bash, at Thirsty Dog on the 14th - submissions can be sent to with the issue you are submitting to in the subject line. You'll all be at the fundraiser though I just know it. No one would want to miss the opportunity to see Michael Morrissey take on a live improvised jazz band. It's $10 on the door and we're trying to get together enough mulah to pay the band and keep Side Stream flying off around the world for the rest of the year - it's not cheap. You can help by just spreading the word and making sure everyone knows about it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Poetry List - August

Hi everyone,

With Montana Poetry Day still tingling in our ears and brains and brand new poetry books to be opened and enjoyed (yay! Christmas), it’s time to look forward to the coming month’s poetry pleasures.

This month there are some special workshops and events for youth, a not-to-be-missed Jazz and Poetry mashup with Bukowski's Birthday Bash, a Guerilla Poetry Mission (happening this coming weekend!) and of course some exciting voices to be heard at regular events Poetry Live, Lounge and Rhythm and Verse. Is it just me or are there more regular poetry events starting all over the city? Hurray!!


The Poetry List is a monthly mailout of all things poetry in Auckland. Comments and listings (poetry-related only) are welcome. If your event occurs before the next Poetry List is due, generally the first week of each month, tell me anyway and I'll put it on the website. As always, if I emailed you in error, my sincerest apologies, ask me and I'll unsubscribe you.

If you want to get on the separate Poetry Live email list to get weekly emails on what’s happening at Poetry Live, contact me or any of the other three MCs.

The List:

Lights of Matariki - June 26 – August 7th, Corbans Estate, Henderson, free
An exhibition by local artists to celebrate Matariki. Includes a collection of ceramic and resin lamps sculpted by Ronald Andreassand in collaboration with six poets – Genevieve Maclean, Christian Jensen, Miriam Barr, Renee Liang, Sabrina Muck and Daniel Larsen.

Poetry Live 4th August – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poet Bob Orr, Guest musician Otis Mace.
Open mic; MC Christian.

Tuesday 4 August – Words and Music: Judith McNeil

Snatch Bar, Free, 10pm, Ponsonby Rd

Saturday 8th Aug - Poetry and music at Art Stop Cafe, Helensville

2 pm - 4 pm, free. Main rd Helensville, on right just after rail bridge.

Sunday 9th August - Guerilla Chalking mission (reschedule from last week)

Albert Park, 12 noon, meet by the fountain
Join the Guerrilla Poets as they bring Poetry to the People! Bring your own poems or write on the spot, there will be chalk but BYOs appreciated….

Sunday 9th August - The Lion Roars; Piha Poems – book launch and exhibition

Poems by Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway with Watercolour Paintings by Barbara Pflaum
Book launch 2-5pm with Raewyn Alexander also reading; enjoy wine & chocolate cake!
Exhibition runs Sun 9th – Sun 23rd August
Next Door Gallery, Mon-Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat-Sun 10 – 4, 132 Hinemoa St, Birkenhead

“In these poems and watercolours, Jacqueline and Barbara have captured the spirit of Piha
and the surrounding environs … they hope you will share their joy and love of the wild west coast,
a quintessential New Zealand experience …with the iconic Lion Rock.”

Poetry Live 11th August – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poet Charis Boos, Guest musician The Wicks.
Open mic; MC Miriam.

Friday 14th August - Bukowski's Birthday Bash

Side Stream fundraiser – 8 pm @ Thirsty Dog (Corner of K' Rd & Howe St)

$10 on the door to raise funds to keep our only independent, free, bi-monthly poetry zine happening.
Poets from the fringe mash it up with live, improvised jazz by the Dirty Words Live Sessions Band.

Featuring Miriam Barr (CD The Literatti, Poetry Idol '07, Side Stream editor), Shane Hollands (The Literatti founder, Freaky Meat frontman, Dirty Words head honcho), Christian Jensen (Literartist, Poetry Live MC, Metonymy co-founder), Daniel Larsen (Side Streamer, People In Your Neighbourhood project, Metonymy winner) & Michael Morrissey (renowned and prolific NZ writer & poet, co-editor of the infamous Globe Tapes, author of The American Hero Loosens His Tie, a tribute to Bukowski).

A three-piece band are improvising and have no idea what will be performed. The poet has to listen and go where the musicians lead, there is to be no direct communication between poet and band. It's totally spontaneous and totally exhilarating. The only things in pre-existence are the poems. There may be Poetry Improv and a chance for audience members to participate, Mr Hollands will be there, so anything could happen. Whatever this is, this is not going to be a poetry reading.

Submissions for Sidestream Issue 21 close on August 15th for a September release.
Submissions to be emailed to See for submission guidelines or visit to stay in the loop.

Sat 15th August - WORDUP! WORKSHOPS: for young people 15 -18 years.
Corbans Estate, Henderson, 10am – 5pm (6hrs + 1 hr lunch), $10 (subsidised by the ASB Community Trust).

Join award winning poet Courtney Meredith at this very exciting spoken word workshop aimed to inspire and encourage young writers. Students will be tutored on the writing and editing process, performance of their works, how to grow their art in future, and how to win within themselves when partaking in poetry slams and competitions. Materials for the day (provided by the tutor) will include sonnets by Victorian poets, lyrics by modern day rappers and pop artists, and of course poetry from some of New Zealand's best writers.

Work created at these workshops may be performed at Word Up! a youth event to be held at The Global Café, Henderson on Friday evening 4th September, if workshop participants wish to do so. Street Art created can be part of an exhibition at the venue leading up to the event.

BOOKINGS: Please book by phoning: 09 838 4455 or email: Places are limited in each workshop, so book soon!

Poetry Live 18th August – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Featuring the launch of Live Lines 2, Poetry Live’s annual publication. Poets in this issue are invited to take the mic to read their poems
Guest Poet Georgina Monro
Open mic; MC Renee.

Friday 21st August - Raise Up Auckland: CBD-Connect – fundraiser
Rendezvous Hotel, 7pm start.
Featuring amazing performers in the 15-25 year age range. Deane Siakimotu will emcee the evening and choreographer Ashleigh MacKinven (17) has created two special dances with the group Sample. There will be music performances by Sam Hollingum and Grace, and a poetry recital by Courtney Meredith, an award winning slam poet. To cap off the evening, there will be a performance by multi-talented soul singer and jazz musician Tama Waipara.
For more info and reservations contact Michelle Delahunty at the YMCA, email or phone 09 306 3750.

6th Bravado International Poetry Competition

The literary arts magazine from the Bay of Plenty is offering its usual generous cash rewards – a First Prize of $500, 2nd of $250 and 3rd of $100. This year for the first time it is introducing a Special Prize of $100 for a previously unpublished poet, and five runners-up will get a year’s free subscription to Bravado. The entry is $5 a poem, or three for $10. All prizewinning poems will be published in the November edition of Bravado. Judge is Sue Wooton. You can download a copy of the rules and an entry form from the Bravado website at or send an e-mail to or, if you prefer, drop a line to Competition Secretary, Bravado, PO Box 13 533, Central Tauranga 3141.
Briefly, poems must be original, unpublished and no longer than 40 lines. Theme is unimportant, as is form, or whether free verse or rhyme. “All we ask”, say the Bravado team, “is send us your best.” Further information: Jenny Argante tel 07 576 3040, or txt 027 316 31 91. Deadline 31 August.

August 20th - RHYTHM & VERSE.

Lopdell House – Titirangi, start 7.30 pm, tickets $10 on the door.
Musician - Sergio Arellano; Poets - Penny Somervaille and John Pasley. Plus - The Literatti , MC Ila.

Poetry Live 25th August – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha
Guest Poets Kate Kelly and Nick Mans
Open mic; MC Murray.

Wednesday 26th August - LOUNGE #9
Old Government House, Auckland University, 5.30-7pm. Join Michele Leggott as MC and another eye-opening collection of established and emerging poets.
Free entry. Food and drinks for sale in the Buttery. For information contact Michele Leggott,, 373 7599 x87342

Poetry Live 1st September – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poet TBA Guest Muso TBA
Open mic; MC Christian.

Poetry Live 8th September – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poet Michael Botur, Guest Musos TBA
Open mic; MC Miriam.

Poetry Live 15th September – 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poets South Auckland Poets Collective
Open mic; MC Renee.

Poetry Live 22nd September– 8 pm Thirsty Dog, K’Rd, koha

Guest Poet Hannah-May De Cuba
Open mic; MC Murray.

Central Caffe, 305 K’Rd (one block from Thirsty Dog)

is a new cozy café/bookshop/art venue. It runs readings/jam sessions on Wednesday nights from 6 (serving coffee and desserts!) and a range of other gigs as well as providing a free space for creatives to meet, workshop and perform. There’s space on the walls for artwork too. Check it out:

Best New Zealand Poems 2009
Publishers and poets who wish poems they have published in 2009 to be considered for the next edition of Best New Zealand Poems are reminded that these need to be sent to the IIML for forwarding to this year’s hard-working editor, Robyn Marsack. Publishers are invited to send copies of books and magazines to BNZP 2009, International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140. Poems published in international journals are also eligible, and poets who think their work may not be submitted by a publisher may send published poems (not manuscripts) to the same address. The deadline for submissions is 21 December 2009. For more information email

A new arts collective, Crossover, invites poets and artists from other genres to join. It’s "a hub that creates opportunities for emerging creative artists, designers, musicians, poets, performers, and all that are interested and passionate about being involved in the creative industry." Check out or email

Guerrilla Poetry
Join our unit of guerrilla poets! Keep your eye on the website to find out when the next Action is, join our Facebook group (Guerilla Poetry – NZ Chalksters), or email to get on the sneak attack email list.

Dirty Wordz with Shane Hollands
Finally a show devoted to live poetry!!
Join wordzter Shane on Tuesdays 3pm-5pm, 88.3 FM (Fleet) if you are in CBD reception range, or live stream on
Hosts are Shane 'Beat Hobo' Hollandz, Penny 'Dirty Girl' Ashton & Genevieve McClean.

Featuring spoken word and word music.
Interviews with hot poets and musicians who work with spoken word.

The Poetry List, © Renee Liang 2009,
Please feel free to pass on this list, but an acknowledgement of source is appreciated.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poetry Live July 21st

A Montana Poetry Day Prelude
Resurrection Night
July 21st, from 8pm @ Thirsty Dog
Tonight the open mic is being cordoned off, once again, in honour of our third annual Resurrection Night.
Poetry Live invites people to share poetry by their favourite dead poets. Prizes for best resurrection performance and best costume. Sign up on the night. 5-minutes per performance.
With guest musician Mutsa Murare and a collection of guest poets:
Shane Hollands does Jack Kerouac, Miriam Barr does Charles Bukowski, Daniel Larsen does Allan Ginsberg, Christian Jensen does Ed Dorn, Sabrina Muck does Anne Sexton and Raewyn Alexander does Sylvia Plath.
Submissions for Live Lines #3 will open on July 21st, so bring along your hardcopy submissions.
MC: Murray Lee

Poetry Live July 14th

Poetry Live July 14th @ Thirsty Dog
with the Black Mail Press Secrets launch
& guest poet Apirana Taylor

Tonight we mix the usual formula up a bit for some fun and games.

Instead of guest musicians we have poets from the latest issue of Black Mail Press:

Michael Morrissey, Janet Charman, Ila Selwyn, Daniel Larsen, Jenny Clay, Michael Steven, Rosetta Allan & Kat Phyn

They will each be reading poems from the secrets themed special issue of BMP which has just gone live.

BMP-poet's secrets will be hidden all around the venue. Your task is to figure out which poet the secrets belong to. There is a prize for those of you who guess correctly.

You have not seen a poem performed if you have not seen Apirana Taylor.

Apirana trained as a journalist and worked in many jobs, before committing himself fully to working as an artist. He has won awards for his poetry, short stories, plays and acting. Since that time Apirana has lived and worked as a poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright,actor, director, storyteller, painter and musician. He earns a living mainly as a poet, story tellerand actor. He is known for his powerful poetry readings and magical story telling. He is frequently invited all over the country to present his work. He has also been invited twice to both Europe and India to read his poetry. He has also been awarded writers residencies at both Massey and Canterbury University, Rangi Ruru School, St Andrews College and Hagley Community College.

The first copies of Side Stream issue 20 will also be released.

Open mic and koha entry as per usual.

MC: Miriam

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poetry Live july 7 th


Tuesday 7th July 09, 8 pm - Late
at The Thirsty Dog
469 K- road (Karangahape road )
please note : Our Guest Poet and guest Musician will be on at 8 pm to start off the night, so get in early

Guest Poet : Michele Leggott
NZ Poet Laureate of 08/09 . Her new book Mirable Dictu was launched on 24th june. She has also been spear heading an interesting project for Matariki getting school childrent to chalk and write poems for Matariki.

Guest Musicians : Jonathan Besser
Composer/Pianist - Over the last 25 years award-winning composer Jonathan Besser has written a number of large-scale works including commissions for The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Royal N.Z. Ballet, Auckland Philharmonia, the Wellington Symphonia, and the New Zealand String Quartet. He will be performing with Michele Leggott

MC Christian


Monday, June 22, 2009

Poetry Live 23rd May

Hi there Poetry Team!

Once again, we are lining up a simmering selection of poetry and music for your aural pleasure.

The stats:Thirsty Dog, K Road8PM start
Koha EntryBe there or be square!

The Guest Poet this week is
Martin Loire Martin has published three books in Argentina, but has recently released his first volume featuring English verse as well as Spanish! It is called "Mother Tongue" and he shall be reading from this and other sources for your entertainment. His work is considered, soulful and touching, and his delivery in both English and Spanish makes grown men swoon.

Also this week is musician
Luigi Cappel
Luigi was born in Holland, but has lived most of his life in New Zealand. A singer and guitarist, his music can loosely be considered as country/indie with a little jazz and blues. He has performed in America and Jamaica in the last two years, and will focusing on his more recent work in this set to be reckoned with. Enjoy,

Murray LeePoetry Live MC

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night at Poetry Live

We had Sea Train along as guest musicians last night (9/June/09)... and they were Orsum, with a capital OH! 

Sea Train are four piece jazz-funk-(some-may-say-ambient)-wikid band and they have an EP coming out next month.  

Visit lead singer/songerwriter Catherine Walker's Facebook group or myspace page for more info:

Tim Heath delivered a stunning guest poetry set, perfect mixture of each of the different shades of human emotion.  

We had Ya-Wen along with at-cost copies of the 2nd edition of Potroast - a brand new interdisciplinary zine.  Submissions (poetry, comics, stories, art) for issue #3 close on July 18th and can be sent to  

Open mic gave us a couple of on-the-fly duets from Kiri & Lee, and Kiri & Anna, which were fantastic to see. There was of course that one person who doesn't want to give up the mic once they've got it, there's always one.   But mainly just lots of cool poetry and even a couple of newbies who may have been converted - always nice.  

Thanks to Rachael for MCing the end of the night for me.  I had to attend to a bit of a family emergency.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poetry Live June 9th

Poetry Live June 9th @ Thirsty Dog
8 pm till late.
With guest musicians Sea Train and guest poet Tim Heath.
Open mic. Koha entry.
MC: Miriam Barr

With a live show that incorporates elements of jazz, pop, and funk Sea train are members Catherine Walker, Eli Moore, Adam Tobeck and friends. Catherine Walker the key songwriter for the group is inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Enya, Bjork, Bic Runga and Norah Jones.

Tim Heath is a teacher/grandparent/student who has, in the last few years allowed a life long desire to write have free rein. He has had stories read on Radio NZ, won some short story competitions, had a few poems published here and there, and been an also- ran in a number of poetry slams. Last year he did the Masters of Creative Writing course at AUT and managed to finish a novel, which is still to see the light of day, but is at least finished…sort of.

Also our beloved ex-MC Ila is running a great monthly, poetry gig out in Titirangi called Rhythm & Verse. In her 3 years (at least) of running Poetry Live, Ila would have organised you all 33 Poetry Live events. If you have enjoyed any of them, might be a nice idea to rock up and contribute to keeping Rhythm & Verse happening. Tit for tat and all that people! See below for details.

AND - the latest issue of Black Mail Press (#24 - Secrets) will be launched very, very, very soon. So check out in a couple of days to read the Secrets issue as soon as it's live. The issue includes Jessica Le Bas, Elizabeth Smithers, Catherine Fitchett, Jenny Argante, Michael Morrissey, Karlo Mila, Mark Pirie, Iain Britton, Helen Rickerby and heaps more, all on the topic of secrets. 'Tis juicy.

Catch you all on Tuesday anyway.

Thursday 18th June at 7.30pm Rhythm and Verse
Join us on the Top Floor of Lopdell House for our third evening of words and music with some of New Zealand’s best poets and local musicians. With featured musicians Fiona McEwen and Steve Terry, followed by Anna Rugis. Guest poets include Dr Jack Ross, from Massey University, David Eggleton, the writer-in-residence at the Michael King Centre in Devonport, the flamboyant Raewyn Alexander from Grey Lynn and the lovely Rachael Naomi Heimann from Kingsland. Entry $15 or $10 for Friends of Lopdell House Gallery.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Poetry Live tuesday 2nd june 09


Tuesday 2nd June 09, 8 pm - Late at The Thirsty Dog 469 K- road (Karangahape road )

Guest Poet :
Michael Steven

Both a publisher and a writer, Michaels passion for poetry and attention to details gives weight and beauty to every word he produces. This passion extends beyond the writer as he has published several beautiful refined books by poetry heavyweights like Mark Young and Martin Edmond

Michael has recently had his book Centreville Springs published by Kilmog Press and there are rumours there is another book already on the line to be published this year.

Guest Musicians :
Jacqui Mixture
Jacqui has been making music and babies in Auckland since 2000. She has played in shock rock outfit Mountain Lion and hard rocking family band Mixture. She now returns to the stage 3 years later for a special solo performance. She is currently working on new material to be included on her forthcoming album

& Anon noname
Anon Noname plays with his grunge rock outfit Name Removed, who has supported Metonymy during their fundraising gigs. They are currently recording their first full length album. Anon will perform a solo set showcasing his diversity outside and inside the genre of rock.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poetry Live 26th May 09

This Tuesday: you know the deal but for those who don't it's 8PM The Thirsty Dog, K Road.

Koha entry, open mic, fun galore.

Our guest poet this week is:

Andra Jenkin
Andra is an accomplished spoken word artist who would kill me if I used the word 'poet'. She prefers the term 'novelist', and has written short stories, radio plays, songs, reviews, poems as well as pretty much all other forms in which things can be written. She has performed with the Literatti on numerous occasions, where her off beat-humour never failed to impress.

Also we have Auckland singer songwriter Matthew Coburn as the Driftwood Messenger! ( Folk Rock ) West Coast tunes from an East Coast Soul.
Be there, or be a polygon!

Murray LeePoetry Live MC

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poetry Live May 12th @ Thirsty Dog

Poetry Live May 12th @ Thirsty Dog
From 8 pm. Koha entry.

With guest poet Raewyn Alexander and guest musician John Goudge.

Raewyn Alexander was born in Hamilton, lived overseas a while and has spent most of her life lately in Grey Lynn, Auckland where she tries to spend as much time as she can in her favourite cafe discussing vital issues like cake. She works as a writer, editor, publisher and international Communication consultant, her past-time gardening also informs her writing you could say; organic poetry simply grows from what is there, like William Carlos Williams explained poetry may do.

She's had two novels, two non-fiction books and six books of poetry published. Two iMovies she made with poetry voice-over are on the internet, she's recorded a tape and a CD, and she's been invited to read in Melbourne, at the Overload Poetry Festival three times. Alexander's latest poetry collection is Museum of Lost Days through Earl of Seacliff and a few copies have been sent along to be sold at this reading. Also, she makes Tiny Titles with collage and poetry; some of Tiny Titles Five are available this evening. Plus there's a booklet from her workshops available, called Writing Poetry, Fireworks, Clay and Architecture, which some writers could find useful.

Anyone who buys one of her books also gets a free copy of Magazine Six, which she edited for six years.

John Goudge is a musician, composer, singer/songwriter and leader of original blues-funk-rock group – John Goudge Band. John performs music in various guises – as a solo performer, with a small ensemble, or with a full band. He is currently mixing his first fully studio album, after releasing a limited edition live album For the Record, & EP Wind & the Rain in 2006 & 2007. John is also a well known actor & director in West Auckland, with more than 40 theatre productions under his belt. For 15 years John has been teaching acting classes for the personal & professional development of his students. He has his own studio, Rimu Glade Studio, in the bush of the Waitakere Ranges. At the same time he is also a journalist, poet and playwright.

MC: Miriam.

Plus the launch of Side Stream issue 19.
Submissions for Issue 20 close on June 15th and should be sent in the body of an email to the editor at . See for more info and full submission guidelines.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poetry Live april 28th

This week on Tuesday at the Thirsty Dog, 8PM we have conviviality, a hearty atmosphere and open mic! Come on along. Koha entry.

Guest Poet: David Eggleton

David Eggleton began performing his poetry in the 1980s, and since then has built up a strong reputation for his dynamic performance style. He has toured on the cabaret circuit around the United States, Europe and Britain, as well as performing in Australia. In 1998 he toured the Nelson area on a poetry reading tour with Hone Tuwhare. In 2002 and 2004 he was involved with the James K Baxter tribute album and show.

He has published five books of poetry as well as several other books. He is a critic and short story writer, and has put out several performance poetry-rock albums. He’s also been involved as a poet in a number of sculpture, dance, and music collaborations.

Guest Musician: Clare and Celeste

See you there!

Murray Live

Poetry Live MC