Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poetry Live Tuesday 01st September


Tuesday 01st September 09, 8 pm - Late
at The Thirsty Dog
469 K- road (Karangahape road )

Please note: Guest Poet Murray Edmond kicks off at 8pm

Guest Poet : Murray Edmond

Has published 11 books of poems, the latest THE FRUITS OF from Holloway Press in June this year and a 12th book called WALLS TO KICK AND HILLS TO SING FROM: A COMEDY WITH INTERRUPTIONS will be published by Auckland University Press in 2010. Also editor of 3 anthologies (BIG SMOKE: NEW ZEALAND POEMS 1960 - 1975, AUP, 2000), a book about the influence of Noh drama on the Western avant-garde (Atelos Press, Berkeley, 2005) and editor of the on-line journal KA MATE KA ORA: A NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF POETRY AND POETICS

Guest Musician : Ed
on acoustic guitar and brass instruments

Guest Poet : Joshua Goodwind

Is about 7 feet tall, with the wide, bloodshot eyes of a rabid hyena. Arms like great redwoods and feet like a pair of cinder blocks. He’s from Te Aroha, and spend most of his time shooting at woodland creatures with his trusty crossbow. His favourite colour is midnight.

MC Christian


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