Monday, June 22, 2009

Poetry Live 23rd May

Hi there Poetry Team!

Once again, we are lining up a simmering selection of poetry and music for your aural pleasure.

The stats:Thirsty Dog, K Road8PM start
Koha EntryBe there or be square!

The Guest Poet this week is
Martin Loire Martin has published three books in Argentina, but has recently released his first volume featuring English verse as well as Spanish! It is called "Mother Tongue" and he shall be reading from this and other sources for your entertainment. His work is considered, soulful and touching, and his delivery in both English and Spanish makes grown men swoon.

Also this week is musician
Luigi Cappel
Luigi was born in Holland, but has lived most of his life in New Zealand. A singer and guitarist, his music can loosely be considered as country/indie with a little jazz and blues. He has performed in America and Jamaica in the last two years, and will focusing on his more recent work in this set to be reckoned with. Enjoy,

Murray LeePoetry Live MC

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