Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night at Poetry Live

We had Sea Train along as guest musicians last night (9/June/09)... and they were Orsum, with a capital OH! 

Sea Train are four piece jazz-funk-(some-may-say-ambient)-wikid band and they have an EP coming out next month.  

Visit lead singer/songerwriter Catherine Walker's Facebook group or myspace page for more info:

Tim Heath delivered a stunning guest poetry set, perfect mixture of each of the different shades of human emotion.  

We had Ya-Wen along with at-cost copies of the 2nd edition of Potroast - a brand new interdisciplinary zine.  Submissions (poetry, comics, stories, art) for issue #3 close on July 18th and can be sent to  

Open mic gave us a couple of on-the-fly duets from Kiri & Lee, and Kiri & Anna, which were fantastic to see. There was of course that one person who doesn't want to give up the mic once they've got it, there's always one.   But mainly just lots of cool poetry and even a couple of newbies who may have been converted - always nice.  

Thanks to Rachael for MCing the end of the night for me.  I had to attend to a bit of a family emergency.  

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