Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poetry Live 18th May - Guest Poet

Miriam Barr has come a long way since she first turned up at Poetry Live nine years ago with shaky paper. Since then, her poems have been published in Landfall, Poetry NZ, Enamel, JAAM, Black Mail Press and other places. For Poetry Live, Miriam will be delivering a combination of poems from the Bullet Hole Riddle collection, alongside newer poems and the odd world premier. Expect a mixture of performance and more pared back readings, woven with improvised music by Otis Mace.

Plus the launch of Side Stream 24. Come and get your free copy.

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Bec Hellouine said...

Miriam Barr is on You Tube, a ninja fighting the juju on 'Saturn Cycles Back'. "The News" has a lot to answer for. Sandra Bell gave me a right telling off for being a reader of it.