Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30th BIRTHDAY !!


Open Mic

music by DJ Andy Flyboy

Dressup is encouraged and the venue will be themed with props from the 80's

come celebrate 30 years of true contemporary poetry
a celebration of Poetry in motion, homage to those that have carried it through the ages and a re-visiting of the age it came to be in; the 80's

That's right it's an 80's themed Poetry Live Party. So dig into your closet and dust off your power suit , leather pants or rock n roll skirts, put on your Devo hat, put on some Clockwork Orange eye makeup, get your shoulder pads on and perm your hair and join us in a flashback to the 'poetic' 80's

DJ Andy Flyboy will be providing appropriate music to finish off the night

about Poetry Live

Since it's conception in 1980, Poetry Live has been a place for poets to read and share poetry through a broad range of poetic styles and topics. 30 years ago David Mitchell wanted to offer a gathering point for poets of all kinds. With its recorded beginnings at the Globe Tavern in 1980, Poetry Live has been a gathering point for poets in Auckland for decades. Poetry Live has moved through many venues and passed through the hands of many organizers, but has always been a torch that has been carried through its ups and downs. In it's 30th year Poetry Live is healthier and doing better than ever, and we would now like to celebrate those that have helped to keep this regular and unique venue alive; both the amazing guests that have performed, the patron poets who frequent the open mic, the listeners that come to appreciate and the new faces who brave the stage and mic and the hard working MC's who make it happen every week, driven only by the love of poetry

hosted by
MC's Miriam , Christian, Rachael and Kiri

Get your copy of Live Lines III today! Simply reply to this email to place an order or pop into to Poetry Live on Tuesday nights. $15 each.

Submissions for Live Lines Volume IV are OPEN NOW!!!!

Submissions close on September 30th.

Submissions are open to all poets who read at Poetry Live.

Send 2 - 5 of your best poems in hard-copy to: Poetry Live, 770 A Mount Eden Rd, Mount Eden , Auckland. Be sure to include a cover letter and your contact details (especially email address).

Alternatively, you can hand your submission directly to any of the Poetry Live MCs on Tuesday nights.

Follow Poetry Live at http://www.poetrylive.co.nz

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